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On this page, you may SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE your e-mail address to the District Attorney's E-mail News List (hereinafter, "List").

In an effort to keep the community as informed as possible about the work of the DA's Office, DA Murray has established this List. Subscribers of the List will receive an e-mail notification each time that the DA issues a press release. Further, subscribers may also receive other news or information from the DA from time to time. Everyone is invited to join the List. You may unsubscribe from this List at any time.

By providing your e-mail address below and subsequently confirming your subscription as instructed, you become a subscriber to the List, and, as such, you agree with our "Website Terms and Conditions of Use," as those same terms apply to subscribers of our List and the content of the messages that subscribers receive.


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Please keep in mind the following when considering what news and information is shared with the public and at what time that news and information may be shared:

The District Attorney and his Assistant District Attorneys have special obligations as licensed attorneys in the State of North Carolina and, specifically, as prosecutors.  These obligations are generally put forth in the North Carolina State Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  These Rules may further explain when a prosecutor may make a public statement during the investigation, prosecution, or appeal of a particular case. The Rules also dictate what information any such statement may include.
Please consult these links to the NC State Bar’s website for a better understanding:
NC State Bar Homepage
NC State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct (among other Rules, take particular note of “Rule 3.6 Trial Publicity” and its official comments and “Rule 3.8 Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor” and its official comments)

The Clerk of Superior Court maintains all official court files. For further information concerning matters of public record, please contact the Clerk.

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