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Victim Information
Parking Information

Unless you are a victim or witness under subpoena by the DA's Office for a Superior Court proceeding, you will have to pay for your own parking. If you are a victim or witness attending a Superior Court proceeding pursuant to a subpoena, you must follow the instructions below. Do not bring parking tickets to the DA's Office; unfortunately, we cannot assist you.

1. Park in the 4th Street parking deck (corner of 4th Street and McDowell near courthouse).
2. Bring your parking ticket into the courthouse with you.
3. After the court proceeding, go to Suite 4351 (labeled "Drug Treatment Court"). Upon entering the suite, use the lobby telephone and dial "60160" to call Tara Miller, Administrative Assistant.
4. If she does not answer, please dial "0" and you will be redirected to someone else who can assist you.
5. Answer her questions about the case and ADA with which you were involved and she will validate your parking ticket.

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